Bluetooth Dorks

As a motorcycle rider, I have observed that teenage girls are incapable of pulling their car away from the curb without having a cell phone in their ear. Initially I thought California’s new hands-free calling law was a great idea. Some will argue that cell phones in the car can never be safe, but I took solace in knowing that holding your phone to your ear while pulling away from the curb (and driving) was now illegal. Granted, there’s no guarantee that both hands will now be on the steering wheel, but I thought the odds of being mowed down by a chatty teenage girl had now decreased.

Unfortunately, a few days after the law went into effect I observed it had one ugly consequence: a significant proliferation of Bluetooth dorks. Since headset use is now required by law while driving, the number of people wearing their headset when they’re not in the car or on the phone has dramatically increased. Frankly, I’ve never liked the sight of those ugly appendages, but now it appears they’re even more popular.

I can’t be the only one who feels this way so let me say this to my fellow Californians. “Please remove your headset when not in use. You’re not a drone and it doesn’t make you look important or edgy. And it’s certainly not a fashion statement.”

OK, I feel better now.

One thought on “Bluetooth Dorks

  1. I would tattoo ‘TOOL’ to my forehead before I would walk around with one of those things in my ear. I feel it is my responsibility to loudly ridicule anyone I am acquainted with who walks around the office or shows up at a restaurant with one of those god awful things in their ear. Uggh! I don’t feel any better yet.

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